R32 Makeover – From street bully to gentleman

We all have different tastes in how a vehicle should appear. Some owners keep things original and simple while others go to great lengths to create their very own masterpiece.

Pictured here is an R32 Nissan Skyline that came in stock slightly modified. The vehicle had some decent parts but even still the spec was a little scattered. It was hard to tell what direction the previous Japanese owner was heading.

Regardless we were very pleased with the spec and how the car looked and performed. Of course we could have thrown thousands at it but that’s not how it works. Its up to the new owner to refine and remodel.

As fortune would have it a referral came through and before we knew it the car was shipped and soon after landed in America. The new owner swiftly plated the car 25 year old vehicle and soon after resto mods commenced.

Power unit house was fully rearranged, now fitted with SPL inlet pipes, new hoses and refinished engine covers.

Interior no different, now with all new head unit, refinished Bride seats and so much more.

We can see where this is going so in closing a few more shots from Justin in Colorado, USA.

Thank you for the keeping us up to date, were lucky to have such a master piece on the roads and not sitting in some shed.

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