Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s your process?

Starting with inquiries we review all vehicles and reply in detail about current market value, used dealer examples and whether or not auction sourcing is an option.  From here we can either start to process your order or if we are unable to locate we'll refer to another importer or agent.

Do you supply and ship within Japan?

Yes, we have experience referring and shipping in Japan.  However for personal vehicle registration (shaken / JCI) it will be up to the customer to organize.

Do you offer freight insurance?

Insurance is included on all ocean freight container / roro shipments.  If you require additional info please inquire within.

How long does ocean freight take?

Depending on your location the actual ocean freight could take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.  But please note the customs / broker clearance could also take 1-2 weeks.

Can we contract you for vehicle upgrades?

Yes, as always. Tuning is high on the priority list, atleast when dealing with JDM vehicles.