Build up: R32 Nissan Skyline 4K

Well it was just a matter of time before another R32 Skyline appeared and already we are full steam ahead on the build up of this iconic Japanese automobile. Nothing off the charts with this machine, just simple upgrades including aero package, full a/t – m/t swap and of course power building turbo upgrades for the RB engine.

As far as the exterior goes were sticking it out with the original factory color – KLO (Silver). Other upgrades to the exterior include an original Japanese PS Duce aero kit and aftermarket GTR front fenders. Which also means BNR32 front corner lamps will be required. The 17″ wheels pictured are just for mock up but do suit the car. Better judgment says go smaller, 15 or 16″ How about that? To be continued…

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